Ubislate 7+ first impressions

I got my “Made in India” tab a week back, got some time to play around with it, and am a pround owner of the Ubislate 7+. Had pre-paid Rs 2999 to avoid Rs 200 shipping charges, and it came 2 months later than promised. Email responses were quite delayed. Had to send payment details again by email to inform datawind that I’ve already paid!

Here are first impressions:

Touch Screen

As expected, the touch is as good (bad) as any other tablet with resisitive touch screen. If you are used to capacitive touch screen (iphone / ipad), it would be a bit challenging to get used to the resisitive touch. Besides, it become sluggish on putting a scratch guard, so I am using it without one. I recomment that it would be worth spending Rs 1000 more on the capacitive 7C model (Lauched, but not yet available for booking)


Apps work fine on the tablet. There seem to be some datawind specific customizations, not all good. There is a default app “learn punjabi” included. I think what India needs is “learn english” for the unprivileged.

A couple of games including Angry Birds dont work possibly because of limited RAM.

DataWind package manager exits on being started.

The menu buttons in accounts app cause the activity to close. It indicates how poorly the applications have been tested.

Tried looking for Adobe’s PDF reader in the GetJar application, but did not find one. Used browser to download the apk onto desktop, but could not install it.

Tried looking for youtube app like an iPad has, but did not find one. Youtube loads fine from the browser, did not find a way to exit the youtube video (maybe there is one, but did not find it intuitively by touching the video)


I was quite upset on seeing that the phone functionality requires a headset to be used, since the tablet (possibly) does not have a MIC. This should have been mentioned on their website. Many people might land up buying the tablet to use it as a phone, and will be disappointed. Hiding such an important point is cheating!

Could not figure out how to configure gmail sync to transfer contacts. Alternate way would be to export the contacts to CSV from the gmail account and then import it from SD card: am yet to try it.

With a headset, the phone works OK, but the screen orientation seems to be reversed (ubislate logo at the bottom). I think this is because speaker is at the bottom.

Suggestions to DataWind

I think the following is desparately needed

Increase RAM

Move to Capacitive Touch

Add Mic, and make it a real phone

Test applications properly

Closing Notes

Overall a good product.

Make “Made in India” tablets better by buying / reviewing / reporting issues.

Support people like Kapil Sibbal and Datawind who work for the masses.

It would have been great if DataWind had revealed hardware configuration and made the development open source.

I will be back once I dig into the tab bit more.

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